When our manufacturers succeed, we succeed.

Our Commitment

To represent Manufacturers in a positive, professional manner. Emerald Communications assists manufacturers who wish to establish channels of distribution that are efficient, cost effective and that effectively reach the targeted markets for their products.
Manufacturers have the right to:
Expect sales effort proportional to the market potential of their products.
Achieve, secure and maintain such channels of distribution that are in line with target markets.
Receive feedback from Dealers and Representatives regarding product issues and market acceptance.
Expect Dealers and Representatives to actively promote and solicit business for the Manufacturer while maintaining a profitable business relationship.
Dealers have the right to:
Receive a quality product that is marketable and priced at a point that allows them to remain profitable.
Expect quality literature, sales aids and leads provided by the Manufacturer.

Why Emerald Communications?

Experience. Emerald Communications is uniquely qualified to assist manufacturers in meeting sales and marketing objectives. The combined experience of the team provides a keen understanding of the needs and concerns of both the manufacturer and the dealer. Excellent communication skills, marketing experience, sales ability, technical competence, customer service, persistence, and enthusiasm are all traits that make Emerald Communications an ideal choice for Independent Representation in the Southeast.